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23 October 1983
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I am an overeducated, insane, sick-minded girlie with two BAs in Classics and Ancient Civilizations. I can read ancient Greek and Latin fluently, and speak French and Italian pretty damn well. My field has given me great strength, as well as an endless supply of fairly odd factoids to hammer people with at bars. I enjoy science fiction/horror movies, dancing to techno/industrial/goth/new wave music, hitting things in Martial Arts classes, meditating, and reading other people's minds. I am a strong believer in the paranormal, and study any kind of magic and religion I can find a book on. My main pantheon consists of Maman Erzuli, Maman Brigitte, and Pallas Athena. I am a professional photographer (proud owner of Pictor Photography and Publicity), specializing in fetish and glamor photography, and custom press packets. View my work at www.myspace.com/pictorphotography.
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